PROJECTS 1999-2009

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Project Status

Archaeological assessment at the Loyalist site of the Guysborough Town Plot at Port Mouton, Queens County, Nova Scotia.

Our survey of the Town Plot was completed in May 2003. We are planning to conduct a GPS survey of the archaeological features so that an accurate map can be produced. See our "Guysborough Township" page for details.

As a wrap-up to the Guysborough project, society members spent a day in July and another in October clearing the badly overgrown Loyalist cemetery located just north of the Town Plot.

On June 12, 2004, another day will spend recording the location of each grave marker, and any engravings. In the longer term, the society hopes to work with local groups to see that the cemetery is maintained.

Also in Port Mouton is Wobamkek Beach. This beautiful area has a mysterious history that has been linked to de Monts and Champlain's 1604 voyage, pirate treasure, aboriginal presence, Loyalist refugees and French fur traders. Nova Scotia's history all in one site!

In December 2003, Society members toured the site and identified a few fascinating features. In 2005 a reconnaissance survey under permit from the Heritage Division was conducted. In 2009 preliminary archaeological testing was completed but was inconclusive. We hope to do more ome testing and prove or disprove some of the stories.

Reconnaissance and magnetometer testing: looking for the 1778 wreck of the 24-gun French frigate " Duc de Choiseul " in Liverpool Bay.

This project is on hold while we look for funding and technical support. We're also looking for interested divers to join our group.

Ongoing development of our web site, which communicates the society's goals, as well as provide an accessible means to communicate heritage information.

Ongoing - Explore this site!

Field trips/tours of archaeological and historical interest sites in Queens County. These are often held as joint outings with the Nova Scotia Archaeology Society .

We are tentatively planning an event for Fall 2012.

Work with staff at LRHS and NQHS to establish a student archaeology club, and form relationships between these clubs and the Mersey Heritage Society.

We're looking for a teacher volunteer to take up the cause, and are planning to do a presentation at the schools about some of our archaeological projects.

Inventory of known or potential heritage properties in the Queens County. This is being done in cooperation with the Region of Queens Heritage Advisory Committee. We have teamed up with the Region of Queens Municipality's Heritage Advisory Committee, and are creating a computer database of heritage buildings in Queens County. We're at 300 and counting! See a sample on this site!

Recording of archaeological sites associated with artifacts at the Queens County Museum.

Working with the Queens County Museum to map the locations of part of their collections. This project is on hold while we look for volunteers!

Establishment of an archaeological centre for Queens County to serve as a base of operations for an active archaeological program for the society.

Presentation made to Queens Waterfront Development Association in January 2000. They are considering options for waterfront development.

Communication and interaction between the Society and other groups such as the Queens County Historical Society, Milton Heritage Society, and the North Queens Historical Society.

Our meetings are held at the Queens County Museum, and we have presented are societies goals to the Milton Heritage and Queens County Historical Societies. We held a joint meeting with the North Queens Heritage Society on March 13, 2001. Regular communication takes place with these and other groups.

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