The Captian John West House c. 1760 is one of the oldest buildings in Liverpool, and also one of the last gambrel-roofed houses in Liverpool. When you've been sitting there for 250 years, you accumulate a lot of archaeological resources. Archaeology is planned for this site in 2009!
Wobamkek Beach This area is home to a lot of stories about French explorers, Acadian traders, Loyalists and American tourists. It also is home to a bunch of strange archaeological features. Archaeology is planned for this site in 2009.
Guysboro Township at Port Mouton, Queens County Read about the famous Tarleton's Legion and the Port Mouton connection.
De Monts and Champlain Encampment Site at Southwest Port Mouton, Queens County, Nova Scotia
Pest House (Birch Point Hospital) near Milton, Queens County, Nova Scotia
The Black Methodist Episcopal Church Project, at Mount Pleasant, Queens County, Nova Scotia
Nicholas Denys Fishing Post at Port Rossignol This site is thought to have been located at Brooklyn, Queens County, Nova Scotia
Wreck of the Duc de Choiseul in Liverpool Harbour
Fort Morris (at Liverpool Town Plot)
Old Milton Schoolhouse Site

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Legislation Concerning Archaeological Sites in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Special Places Protection Act

Nova Scotia Cemeteries Protection Act

Nova Scotia Treasure Trove Act

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