The John and Phebe West House

"West's Tavern"

The original, gambrel-roofed portion of the house is one of the olderst remaining structures in Liverpool and even in Nova Scotia, dating to approximately 1760-1762. Because of its age and associations with early Liverpool, tThe Mersey Heritage Society conducted archaeological testing on this property on July 4, 2009 as part of our "Liverpool 2009" activities to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the town.

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  547 Main Street, Liverpool, NS

The house has several additions, including a front entrance with second-storey dormer, and a large ell of varying depth. The original house was much like the well-known Dexter's Tavern in the east end of Liverpool.

Capt. John West was granted Lot 2 in Block A of the Liverpool town plot and built his home there. The Mersey Heritage Society has confirmed that the present-day house is on that lot, which agrees with local tradition.

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