The James Barss House

131 Main Street, Liverpool

From the Chronicle-Herald, August 22, 1959:

Liverpool House is Landmark

Liverpool - A 100-year old house steeped in the town's history continues to be an interesting landmark in this South Shore community.

Towering in the centre of gracious grounds surrounded by greenery, the stately mansion is situated a few doors south of the Mersey Hotel close to the bustling business district of Nova Scotia's paper town.

The large white framed house brings back pleasant memories to the oldtimers who remember the days when magnificent homes were built to withstand the ravages of nature and time. Visitors to the Liverpool house, built by James Barss, are amazed to see the original plaster still intact on the ceilings and walls.


During the past century the house has passed through several different hands, but was only sold once. The builder and first owner, James Barss, willed it to James B. Vanbuskirk, who in turn passed it on to Rev. H. Daniel and Honor B. Daniel.

The Daniels sold the house to a well-known Liverpool Lumberman, shipowner and community figure, Stephen Mack. Mack's daughter, Augusta wife of J.N.S. Marshall, was the next owner of the mansion. It was later passed on to their daughters Emily and Elizabeth, who willed it to Paul King, with a life interest to other members of the Marshall family.

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