Below, Queens County's heritage buildings are grouped into several categories. The categories are not formal classifications, but are meant to give a general idea of the types of buildings found in the county. Buildings have been classified based on available information and are open to interpretation.

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Colonial (1760 to 1850)

16 Main Street (L) - Capt. Bartlett Bradford Cottage

32 Main Street (L)

63 Main Street (L) - Elisha Calkin House

66 Main Street (L) - William McGill House

67 Main Street (L) - McGill/Scott House

82 Main Street (L) - Matthew McClearn House

105 Main Street (L) - Simeon Perkins House

112 Main Street (L) - Jabish Snow House

114 Main Street (L)

120 Main Street (L)

127 Main Street (L)

131 Main Street (L)

311 Main Street (L) - Webster/Collins House

Main Street (L) - MacLeod House

382 Main Street (L)

511 Main Street (L)

617 Main Street (L)

700 Main Street (L)

Bristol Avenue (L) - Locke House

74 Bristol Avenue (L)

78 Bristol Avenue (L)

Bristol Avenue (L) - Henderson House

33 Brooklyn Shore Road (B)

85 Brooklyn Shore Road

135 Brooklyn Shore Road

596 Main Street (L)

91 Union Street (L)

12 Wentworth Street (L)

123 Main Street (L)

85 Main Street (L)

89 Main Street (L)

100 Main Street (L)

106 Main Street (L)

50 Court Street (L)


Victorian (1850-1900)

31 Main Street(L)

126 Main Street (L) - L.A. Lovett House

190 Main Street (L) - Dr. Smith House

419 Main Street (L) - Sheriff Mulhall House

587 Main Street (L)

617 Main Street (L)

110 Union Street (L)

150 Union Street (L)

3776 Sandy Cove Road (B)

3867 Sandy Cove Road (B)

87 Bristol Avenue (L)

88 Bristol Avenue (L)

22 Breakwater Road (B)

47 Brooklyn Shore Road (B)

191 Brooklyn Shore Road

415 Brooklyn Shore Road

39 Main Street (L)

49 Main Street (L)

15 Court Street (L)

78 Court Street (L)

33 Jubilee Street (L)

Institutional Buildings

Zion United Church (L)

Trinity Anglican Church (L)

St. Gregory's Roman Catholic Church (L)

Liverpool Town Hall

Queens County Courthouse (L)

Brooklyn Baptist Church, 32 Brooklyn Shore Road

Brooklyn United Church, 75 Brooklyn Shore Road

Gambrel Roofs

5 Riverside Drive (L) - Dexter's Tavern

71 Main Street (L)

547 Main Street (L)

57 School Street (L)

64 Payzant Street (L) - Jonathan Crowell House

Gothic Revival

21 Brooklyn Shore Road (B)

63 Brooklyn Shore Road

81 Brooklyn Shore Road

93 Brooklyn Shore Road

127 Brooklyn Shore Road

260 Brooklyn Shore Road

292 Brooklyn Shore Road

99 Main Street (L)

3776 Sandy Cove Road (B)

3867 Sandy Cove Road (B)

144 Main Street (L) - Dr. Farish House


C.D. Hemeon & Son (L)

South Brookfield Carding Mill

Mersey Paper Company Office Building (B)

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